Stay Energized this Holiday Season: Tips for Conserving Energy



  1. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and clothing
  2. Take rest breaks during the day
  3. Make frequent trips to the car so packages do not become too heavy
  4.  Carry the load close to your body
  5. Avoid shopping during the store’s busiest times
  6.  Make a list prior to going to the grocery store or mall according to the layout of the store to shop in an energy efficient manner
  7. Shop with a friend to help carry packages and delegate shopping tasks to other family members
  8. Take a water bottle. Drink and refill frequently
  9. Carry fruit for healthy snacks.

Meal Preparation 

  1. Share the responsibilities with family and friends; have others volunteer to make a special dish so the host does not have to prepare the entire meal
  2. Complete preparations for the meal in a seated position, a stool in the kitchen will allow for rest breaks when needed
  3. Soak all pots and pans prior to washing and let them air dry
  4. Use paper products when possible
  5. Take advantage of pre-packaged foods (Ore Ida Steam and Mash Potatoes, Instant Potatoes, Betty Crocker and Bob Evans also offer sweet potatoes and stuffing)
  6. Invest in ergonomic kitchen tools to decrease stress on the small joints in the hands
  7. Try cooking in a crock pot to decrease the amount of attention needed while the food cooks 
  8. Oven bags can cut the cooking time for a turkey and decrease the need for basting
  9. Consider saving time by using premixed cookie dough


  1. Try to limit excessive travel. If traveling, make sure to take rest breaks at least every two hours to get out of the car and stretch
  2.  Consider meeting friends at a restaurant or other gathering place
  3.   Take advantage of gift bags instead of wrapping to save on the small joints of the hands
  4. Use a Bic or Scotch paper cutter to cut wrapping paper instead of scissors