HealthSouth Nittany Valley Recognizes National Brain Injury Awareness Month


Pleasant Gap, Penn. – As a leader in brain injury rehabilitation, HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital joins the Brain Injury Association of America and its partners this month in recognizing National Brain Injury Awareness Month. Throughout March, the hospital is taking a closer look at brain injury rehabilitation and the healing power it can offer to patients with head injuries.

The Brain Injury Association of America cites the most common causes of brain injury as vehicle crashes, falls, sports injuries and violence. To prevent injury, HealthSouth Nittany Valley encourages its community to think ahead and make the following smart choices for brain injury prevention:

  • Wear a seat belt every time you drive or ride in a motor vehicle;
  • Buckle your child into a child safety seat, booster seat, or seat belt in the car;
  • Never drive or engage in physical activity while under the influence of alcohol or drugs;
  • Wear a helmet and make sure your children wear helmets during appropriate activities;
  • Use safe guards to avoid falls;
  • Check first the depth of the water when swimming or diving;
  • Make sure the surface on your child's playground is made of shock-absorbing material, such as hardwood, mulch and sand; and
  • Keep firearms stored unloaded in a locked cabinet or safe. Store bullets in a separate secured location.

Moderate to severe traumatic brain injuries (TBI) are medical conditions that require specialized care, including rehabilitation. HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital offers personalized rehabilitation options for those dealing with the after effects of traumatic brain injury.  Through vigorous physical, occupational and speech therapy at HealthSouth, brain function can improve.

Brain injury rehabilitation focuses on:

  • Restoring the best possible level of   mobility, safety and social interaction.
  • Successful return to home, school and meaningful occupation
  • Training and adaptation for long-term limitations
  • Home-based services assessments, as needed
  • Emotional support for the patient and caregivers

For more information on brain injury rehabilitation or prevention, visit or the Brain Injury Association of America online at

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