McAlisterville Man Recounts Why Therapy Works


McAlisterville Man Recounts Why Therapy Works

McAlisterville resident Ralph Hanawalt, 69, recently came to HealthSouth’s Outpatient Clinic in Mifflintown with right hip pain, leg pain and left knee pain.   His doctor referred him to physical therapy at HealthSouth to strengthen his lower body and reduce his pain. 

Ralph has a long history with physical therapy.  “A motorcycle accident in 1975 left me with thirteen broken bones.  I had a long recovery and a lot of therapy.”   That time, Ralph’s therapy took place at Lewistown Hospital.  Ralph adds, “One of the therapists was so good, that later I married her!”  His wife still works as a physical therapy assistant.  

 This wasn’t Ralph’s first experience with the HealthSouth Mifflintown clinic.  He explains, “In 2009, I had therapy after a knee replacement, and in 2010 I was back after I broke my hip.  But this last round of therapy, and my recovery, was the HealthSouth experience that stands out as the best for me.” 

Ralph worked with a physical therapist and a physical therapy assistant three times a week.  “The therapists had their eye on me all of the time; there was no walking away and talking with coworkers.   It motivated me, knowing that they cared,” Ralph explains.  “Their attitude was so good, and it showed.”

The benefits of physical therapy are reaped when both the therapist and the patient are committed to reaching the patient’s goals.  “My goal was to get stronger,” says Ralph.  I would joke with them, and complain, but they pushed me to give just a little bit more, so that improvements continued through therapy.   It was a good experience that helped get my legs stronger and eased my pain.” 

Ralph says that a total knee replacement may be in the near future for him.  “And if/when it happens, I’ll be back to HealthSouth in Mifflintown for therapy.   I’ll feel like part of ‘the family’ again!”

HealthSouth’s Mifflintown Outpatient Therapy Clinic offers physical and occupational therapy to treat brain injuries, Parkinson’s disease, heart failure, stroke, orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, balance disorders, amputations, back care and more.  Therapists also perform functional capacity testing when someone wants to return to work, or if they need updated information for their disability insurance carrier.   Physical Therapist Rebecca Rhine, D.P.T., practices the McKenzie Method for Treatment of Back and Neck Pain.  Occupational Therapist Krista Varner, O.T.R./L  is experienced in providing hand therapy and wheelchair evaluations.     For more information, contact:

HealthSouth’s Outpatient Therapy Clinic in Mifflintown
27 CJEMS Lane, Suite 1; Mifflintown, PA  17059
(717) 436-8233   Fax (717) 436-5513

Ralph Hanawalt

Former outpatient  Ralph Hanawalt (center) visits his “HealthSouth Family” at the Mifflintown Outpatient Clinic.   Ralph received therapy at the clinic several times in the last four years in order to get stronger and remain independent.  He plans to choose the same clinic if he ever needs therapy again.  Pictured with Ralph are Physical Therapy Assistant  Jim Weaver and Physical Therapist Rebecca Rhine, D.P.T.

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