Employee Spotlight

Barb Myers, CRRN

Barb Myers

Barb Myers is a certified rehabilitation registered nurse who enjoys her role in direct patient care. Barb has a unique perspective on how therapy can help patients; she, too, was a HealthSouth patient a few years back. “Following my second back surgery to repair a bulging disc, I came to our Pleasant Gap Outpatient Clinic for therapy,” Barb explains. “Being a nurse, and then becoming a patient, gave me a better idea for what our patients experience; I can really empathize with them.”

Barb’s experience following her back surgery helps her to encourage and motivate her own patients: “After my surgery, my back and legs were extremely weak. I had a difficult time getting up from a seated position, and activities that I used to take for granted were tough to accomplish,” Barb explains. “I worked hard at therapy and at home, and now I encourage my patients to do the same.”

When patients first start therapy, they may not understand how certain exercises help with strengthening. “If a patient expresses doubt that the therapy will work, I tell them that it will, because I know, and it motivates them to try harder.” Barb adds, “And as your strength increases, you get even more determined.”

Barb gained a greater appreciation for our outpatient clinic, too, especially the flexible hours and hands-on approach. “They challenged me to overcome obstacles and get stronger each day. I tell patients that I was able to do things that I did not think I could do.”

Now that Barb is back to patient care, she shares her gratitude for her experience. “My time as a HealthSouth outpatient trained me to be a ‘cheerleader’ for my own patients, encouraging them from a place of experience, and hopefully making a difference in their lives.”

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